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What is HEX?

HEX is just an alternative method of communicating RGB colours. Instead of each of the red, green and blue channels being represented by numbers from 0 to 255, they are represented in the hexadecimal number system, 00 to FF. The three channels are then typically combined into a single six-digit hexadecimal number, for example R=78, G=138, B=249 is… View Article

What is CMYK Color?

Introduction to CMYK Color The CMYK colour model, also known as process colour, was first popularized at the turn of the 20th century. After extensive experimentation in the 1800’s, it was found that cyan, magenta, and yellow inks provided the largest possible set of unique colours in printed media. Black ink, (the k stands forkey) was added to… View Article

What is HSL Color?

Introduction to the HSL Color System One of the most common ways to communicate colour is through visual systems like charts, where each colour has its own unique set of co-ordinates. For example, the RGB colour system can be arranged as a cube with 255 discrete points per side: Source:   Although a cube… View Article

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