Stay Home. It’s the world’s new mandate. And although it’s an order and a warning of sorts, we want to turn it into an opportunity: an opportunity to better our stay-at-home space and make it more of our own. 

So, how do we go about doing that when we’re not supposed to leave our homes? Leave it to Chip to get it done! 

  • Browse through fan decks without leaving your home.Log on to Chip and choose the fan decks that you want to browse. From Benjamin Moore to Sherwin Williams and all the top brands in between, we’ve got your colour needs covered.
    In addition to digital fan decks, we’ve also curated palettes that fit the feel for your home. Feeling dark and moody (we don’t blame you), but on the bright side, we’ve got a palette just for that! :) Just click on the paint swatches and go to "INSPIRATIONS" to see moods for all of your daily activities, including EAT, SLEEP, WORK & PLAY.

    Inspirations in the app

  • Order paint right to your front door.

    Once you’ve decided on your colours, order them through the app. You can choose to get the paint delivered to your door, or do a curbside pick up. The choice is yours!
  • Not into DIY? Book a pro painter through the app!
    Finding a painter can be stressful and time consuming, so Chip has built a better, more trusted way! Just request a quote right through the app, and we’ll do the research to find you the best Chip-certified painter for the job. All you need to do is sit back and relax, and let us do the hunting, booking and painting!PS: You can book for months down the road (i.e. post pandemic). 

Need a little inspiration before you dive in? Here are three colours that will bring life into your indoor space, or find your own colour inspiration with the Nix Mini and pair it to your Chip app! 

Happy painting!