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Multi-point Averaging: Case Study

Multi-point Averaging with the Nix Quality Control (QC) Color Sensor and App Not all products are uniform in colour (See case study on building blocks). When measuring the colour properties of a non-uniform surface, a colourimeter such as, the Nix Quality Control (QC) Color Sensor will “average out” the colour located within its field of… View Article

Liquids: Case Study

From petrochemicals, to pigments, to beverages, the colour characteristics of translucent liquids are often vital to a product’s performance in the marketplace. Alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, whiskey, scotch, and tequila are high-margin consumer products where colour plays an important role in buying decisions in a store setting. This is because colour is one… View Article

Solid, Opaque Surfaces: Case Study

Many of today’s consumer goods are made of injection molded plastics. This injection molding process involves melting thermoplastic pellets, forcing molten liquid into a specialized mold to be cooled and hardened. Based on the customer’s specifications, the finished products need to all be of a precise, consistent colour. Plastic building blocks are a perfect example of… View Article